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Volunteering and Your Finances

Volunteer to Improve Your Finances

Premier Bank takes pride in the community support we provide our local Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana communities throughout the year and encourage our community members to take part. Not only does volunteering help others in their time of need, but that assistance can also get reciprocated back to you - and your wallet! Continue reading to learn the financial benefits of volunteering.

Grow Your Network

If you are currently seeking a new job, volunteering can help set you up in the right direction. The National & Community Service Corporation ran a study that proves how unemployed individuals who volunteer on a regular-basis have a 27% greater chance of landing another job. This is because community service allows the volunteer to meet and communicate with a wide range of people, from owners of non-profits to co-volunteers from various employers. Community service allows you to show others of diverse backgrounds who you are as a person, and how the work you are doing can be translated into your career move. Doing volunteer work in your spare time indicates traits like dedication, motivation, and perseverance, which are appealing qualities for those looking to fill in a job position. When you volunteer, make it a point to communicate with as many different people as possible, you never know what opportunity can arise from it.

Boost Your Resume

Give your career a boost by building up your resume. It can be challenging to find new information to add to your resume if you are unemployed, early in your career or have been in the same position for several years. In many ways, companies are interested in what people do outside of their work and the kinds of lives they lead. Including a hobby (like community service) on your resume can help differentiate you from other applicants and is an excellent aid when applying for jobs. Volunteering can bring a unique perspective to your life and showcase skills that you most likely wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. If you are interested in working for certain companies, try to volunteer in the respective industry. The knowledge you acquire when donating your time will become extremely valuable when job-hunting.

Take Advantage of Free Items

If you’re currently tight on cash or are trying to save your money, volunteering can help alleviate some financial responsibilities. Many times, at charity events, part of the proceeds go towards providing free food for the volunteers, so they don’t have to worry about paying for it themselves. Other times, you can take home free and useful merchandise like flashlights, portable chargers, clothing, etc. Some charities will even provide volunteers with discounts to companies that work with them. The more volunteer work you do, the more will be given back to you, and your wallet will receive a little bit of a break along the way.

Save Money on Healthcare Expenses

The work volunteers do can be linked to positive health impacts, from decreasing the risk of depression to extending their overall life expectancy. From a mental health aspect, charity work allows the volunteer to release endorphins and thereby lower stress levels - which if too high can cause various diseases. From the perspective of your physical health, service projects can often get your heart rate up and thereby keep your body in shape. For someone looking to save on doctor visits and healthcare expenses, a simple switch to increase your volunteer work can help do the trick.

If you’re sold on the financial benefits of volunteering and want to start helping others, we hold a cause that may be of interest to you. The Premier Bank and First Insurance Group Difference consists of special community projects and development sponsorships to further help the lives of our Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana friends and neighbors. Recently, we initiated a "Pay It Forward" Program that encouraged our employees and others in our community to perform random act of kindness.

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