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Avoid Fraud: Premier Bank will never ask you for sensitive account information including passwords, account number, card number, or PIN numbers.
Active Fraud Attempt: Sending a fraudulent letter using bank name regarding a home warranty expiring.
Attention Escrow Account Customers: Escrow Analysis Statements will begin mailing to customers on March 1st. If you’re enrolled in eStatements, you can view your analysis beginning on March 2nd.
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Personal finances

What to Buy on Sale Each Month

Timing can be everything, especially when it comes to finding the best deals on your favorite products. When you know the best time to buy, you can plan your purchases better and keep more of your hard-earned money in your Premier Bank account. 

Home Ownership

How to Use Home Equity

If you’ve been paying your mortgage for a while, you’ve probably built up some equity in your home. Maybe you’ve heard of a home equity line of credit or home equity loan, but you might not understand why it would be an option for you.


Budget as a College Student

Welcome to college! This is an exciting time when you’ll explore ideas and possibilities that will impact your life. It’s time for a crash course in budgeting for college students who haven’t taken any economics or personal finance courses.


Investment Goals

Go out into your yard and dig a big hole. Every month, throw $50 into it, but don't take any money out until you're ready to buy a house, send your child to college, or retire.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Identity theft and fraudulent activity on your accounts can be devastating. Be vigilant in the fight against these crimes to safeguard your money, your credit and your good name.