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Avoid Fraud: Premier Bank will never ask you for sensitive account information including passwords, account number, card number, or PIN numbers.
Active Fraud Attempt: Sending a fraudulent letter using bank name regarding a home warranty expiring.
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Small Business

Growing Your Small Business

You learned a lot when you started your business. Growing and funding an existing business is a slightly different experience than financing a start-up.

Read how to grow your business with these simple but essential steps in your small business ownership journey.

Business Finances

Managing Receivables for Maximum Cash Flow

At its core, a business relies on a steady flow of cash. At any stage of a business, cash is the crucial lifeblood that feeds its vital organs to ensure its survival through economic storms and changing market dynamics. Although a business may be very adept at generating sales revenue, which is booked immediately as receivables, if it struggles to convert its receivables into cash on hand, it can still suffer from cardiac arrest.

Next to generating revenue, the most important function a business needs to master is receivables management.

Risk Mitigation

Training Employees to Prevent Fraud

Most fraudulent activity can be caught by putting effective internal processes and procedures in place to minimize the chances for illegal behavior. But don't forget one of the best sources of fraud prevention: your employees.

In order to detect and prevent fraud, employees must first know what to look for, and then what to do about it.