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Check Positive Pay Services

Positive Pay with Payee Match

Reduce risk with Premier Bank’s Check Positive Pay with Payee Match, an automated tool that detects fraudulent activity by identifying unauthorized, counterfeit or altered checks through a daily verification of checks prevented for payment against your check register before funds leave your account. The Payee Match tool will check the name of the payee on check presented against your information before payment.

How it Works

How Check Positive Pay Works

  1. You send us information about the checks you issue
  2. When checks are presented for payment, our Check Positive Pay service compares the dollar amount, check number, date and payee of each item against the information you have sent
  3. Checks that do not match with your issue information are provided to you as exceptions each morning for review
  4. Your decision to check for pay or return before check is posted to the account.

Cut Off Time

10:30 AM for return decisions
  • 1

    Company sends check data to bank

  • 2

    Bank send exception report for unmatched check data

  • 3

    Company reviews exception data

  • 4

    Company notifies bank their exception decisions

  • 5

    Bank returns bad checks

Features & Capabilities


Mitigate business risk with fraud prevention solutions

Premier Bank provides a robust suite of enhanced products and services to help maximize efficiency while also providing daily protection against losses due to fraudulent transactions.

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