Personal Finance

Ready to take control of your finances? These tools give you a visual representation of your money and how you use it.

You'll see where you spend the most money and where you could save more so you can put together a budget and stick to it. These tools are easy to access within our mobile app and Online Banking and give you the information needed to make better financial decisions today and for the long term.

Simpler and Better Ways to Manage Money

It's time to set your finances on a better course, and these tools provide the direction. Monitor and manage your spending, plan budgets and work toward your savings goals.

It's all available within this graphic-driven program.

  • See all of your accounts (including external banking accounts) in one place
  • Keep track of future spending to help manage your cash flow
  • Establish savings goals & visually track your progress
  • Categorize spending, create budgets, pay debts and much more

Personal Finance Tool Demo