Tower Lighting Request

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Premier Bank Tower Lighting Partner!

We can now change the colors and intensity of the lights that shine upon our Bank’s headquarters in downtown Youngstown. This new color technology will allow us to promote, engage and inform the community. We are looking forward to creating a new tradition of changing the color of the lights on our tower to recognize important occasions, holidays and organizations in our Youngstown community throughout the year!

Important Notes:

  • Premier Bank does not provide a decision regarding your tower lighting request more than three months in advance of the requested lighting date
  • Premier Bank will maintain traditional lightings for national holidays
  • Premier Bank will not light for specific political figures or organizations and will approve and decline requests at its full discretion
  • Premier Bank will not light for personal requests

Tower Lighting Application

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Is this a personal request:

Personal Requests include Birthdays, anniversaries, gender reveals, etc.
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Have you previously submitted a lighting request for this event:

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