ACH & Check Positive Pay

Let us do the double checking for you with Check Positive Pay and ACH Debit Blocks and Filters, so you can operate with confidence.

Communication is at the heart of fraud protection. We stay in contact with you to understand how you're using your business funds while flagging any suspicious activity.

Check Positive Pay Reduces Risk

  • Use Business Internet Banking to provide us a list of checks you'll issue
  • We compare each check as it clears your account
  • Any discrepancies trigger an alert from us
  • You review the transaction online and decide if you want to pay or return the check

ACH Debit Blocks and Filters Protect Your Accounts

  • Use with or without Business Internet Banking to prevent funds from being debited electronically
  • Provide us with details of all ACH debit transactions you have authorized based on originator information or transaction amount ranges
  • Block ACH debits that you have not pre-authorized and set up filters to allow specific transactions to post