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Business Fraud Checklist

Business Fraud Checklist

This checklist is intended to assist our business customers in safeguarding their financial data and processes. Use this list in conjunction with our tools to prevent and monitor fraud.

Safeguard Your Business Against Fraud

As many businesses become more reliant upon modern technology, they become more vulnerable to cyber crimes. Small businesses tend to have less fraud controls and employee training programs built into their culture, which can have devastating effects.

The best line of defense is to develop a robust fraud prevention and mitigation program within your business. We advise you to consult with your accountant, your computer hardware and software vendors and other resources to assist you in developing and implementing a comprehensive fraud prevention program that is appropriate for the nature and size of your business. If you suspect fraud, please contact our Treasury Management Department at 1-877-367-8178.

Fraud Prevention Checklist for Your Business

The best way to protect your company is to educate yourself and your employees, which is what our Business Fraud Checklist aims to do. This checklist was designed to allow you to save your work and email yourself the results.

Policies & Procedures Icon 1. Policies & Procedures

Employees can be your business’ first line of defense and your greatest risk. Establishing policies and procedures are an important first step in combating both internal and external fraud.

Create Procedures

Implement Separation of Duties for Employees


Establish Procedures to Review Transactions Before They Leave the Company

Conduct Control Testing and Audits

Review Insurance Coverage

Educate Employees

Internal Controls Icon2. Internal Controls

With the proper controls in place, you gain greater peace of mind knowing you are mitigating risk of fraudulent attacks. Once you have established the controls listed below, it is important to ensure they are enforced.

Establish Proper Controls

Review Access Privilege

Limit Authorization

Safely Store Sensitive Material

Have a Plan B
Internet Safety Icon3. Internet Safety

Modern technology has allowed businesses of all sizes to conduct business faster and more efficiently. It has presented a greater opportunity for cyber crime. Being vigilant is vital to ensure that fraud is kept to a minimum.

Keep Your Business Safe Online

Keep Systems Updated and Use a Firewall

Monitor Business Bank Accounts Daily

Limit Administrator Password Use

Think Before You Click

Control Access

Preventing Check Fraud Icon4. Preventing Check Fraud

Anyone with a computer and printer can attempt to create fraudulent checks. By putting a few procedures in place, you can better protect your business from costly and time-consuming check fraud.

Reduce Check Fraud

Be Choosy with Check Providers

Store Checks Securely

Stay in Touch with Your Bank
Business Tools for Fraud Icon5. Business Tools for Fraud

When working with Premier Bank, you not only get an experienced business specialist to help guide your business but access to the latest digital banking solutions to keep your account and transactions protected. After all, that’s what makes us “Powered by People.”

Fraud Prevention Tools for Your Business

Business Internet Banking

Business Mobile Banking

Check Positive Pay*

ACH Positive Pay*