Identifying Fake Check Scams

Fake Check Scams

Usage of checks has declined with the use of debit cards and mobile wallets. However, Fake Check Scams continue to rise. These scams often begin with a check in the mail and end with the victim being responsible for the funds deposited. Fraudsters are clever, but staying educated on scams can stop thieves in their path and keep you safe. Use the flowchart developed by to help you identify scams.  

infographic on check scams. Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing this image

How Premier Bank Protects You

Premier Bank diligently monitors your account activity for fraud and uses the latest technology to better serve you. If we suspect fraud on your debit card or business credit card, we will alert you in a timely matter.

By actively monitoring our account through OnLine Banking and our banking app, you can ensure no suspicious activity has occurred.

If you suspect you have become a victim of fraud, call 877-367-8178 or visit any branch and follow these five steps to resolving fraud

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